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edwardrosalie's Journal

The Edward/Rosalie Community
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Welcome to the first Edward Cullen/Rosalie Hale shipping community on livejournal. This is the place to come for all your Edward/Rosalie shipping needs - discussion, fic, icons, etc. etc. Anything goes here as long as we all get along.

So join up and get your friends to join! Whether you like them in canon or an alternate universe, we want you to share here.


01. TEAM SWITZERLAND! This is not the place to tout your love for Edward or Jacob. There are other places to do that. Here we are about the Edward/Rosalie ship...not if you like the dog or the leech.

02. All fic should have a basic summary and rating OUTSIDE a cut. ALL THINGS RATED R AND ABOVE MUST BE UNDER A CUT.

03. Cut images that are wider than 400px for the sake of other people's friends lists. Icon posts should have no more than 2-4 teasers outside a cut.

04. No community promo unless it is Twilight related. If it's more specfically directed to Edward or Rosalie or them together, it's acceptable. If you're not sure find a mod post and ask.

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